Bulk cattle feeders are the way to go—whether you’re raising beef cattle, sheep, or goats!

Not only do wooden bulk feeders save work (easier on your back)—they also save money by allowing you to purchase your feed in bulk.

Karl & Kate Horst are Christians and followers of Jesus, their faith makes a difference in how they treat their customers. K-1 Cattle Feeders strives to follow the Golden Rule, dealing with you in the same way they would want you to deal with them. Values such as honesty and integrity motivate them to relate to their customers in a way that builds confidence and solid, trusting relationships. They will go the extra mile to see that you are treated right.

K-1 Cattle Feeders has the right livestock feeders to fit your needs. Call Karl to learn about their feedlot and bulk feeders. Delivery of items is available. Call for price quotes.


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